Walt Disney’s Los Feliz residence

Walt’s home was built (per his instructions) in a fairy tale style, and provided inspiration for Sleeping Beauty.

The house was built (by Walt) in the summer of 1932. Walt was inspired by the Tudor and French Normandy styles.

Walt gave the the girls a Snow White and the Seven Dwafs-inspired playhouse one Christmas. It had a working sink and telephone.

The house features a panoramic hill-top vista that has a 90-dgree view. On a clear day, Walt and the family could enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island in the distance. They could also see the Hyperion Studio down below.

(Source: Disney Insider)

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Walt Disney at Town Square in Disneyland


Walt Disney and Salvador Dali, photographed during the production of the short cartoon “Destino” in 1945-46. The project was abandoned for financial reasons, eventually to be revived by Disney Studios France and released in 2003.

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Walt Disney’s 22 competitive and 4 honorary Oscar wins

(names of winning shorts/features in captions)

The earliest picture we know of Walt, to his last filmed appearance.