Walt Disney at Town Square in Disneyland


Walt Disney and Salvador Dali, photographed during the production of the short cartoon “Destino” in 1945-46. The project was abandoned for financial reasons, eventually to be revived by Disney Studios France and released in 2003.

Never get bored or cynical. Yesterday is a thing of the past.

Walt Disney’s 22 competitive and 4 honorary Oscar wins

(names of winning shorts/features in captions)

The earliest picture we know of Walt, to his last filmed appearance.

Again, we feel, there is a strong secondary value here—in that watching the Mouseketeers and their guests in action, boys and girls in homes throughout the land will be impelled to discover and develop their own talents, whatever they may be.

-Walt Disney


I love this picture of Walt.

Walt in Time Magazine, circa the 1950’s

"it was all started by a mouse"